Debbie Caruso's site is being hosted as a tribute site to her after her death in January of 2010.

This site is being hosted out of a deep respect for it's original author, Debbie Caruso, who left this Earth on January 22, 2010. She left us all too early, but soon came through in EVPs and made it clear to us all that she is as powerful on the Other Side as she was in everyday life...

Debra's site has been reconstructed and will make changes as needed and to add post-2010 content added to share new evps, links and stories about Debbie by the people who knew and loved her.
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Debra Ann Caruso
b. 5/31/1959 / d. 1/22/2010
To learn more about Debbie and her life, visit her Facebook page at: this link. There you can learn more about her expertise in EVP, her remarkable story and all the lives she touched.

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